13 February, 2007

Ex-BNP activist on trial.

Robert Cottage, a former BNP activist, has gone on trial charged with offences under the Explosives Acts. Manchester Crown Court was told that Watkinson kept a stockpile of explosives, in case of a civil war, which came to light thanks to his wife. According to the Guardian:

Mrs Cottage, who suffered mental health problems, had told a social worker her husband possessed several crossbows and had chemicals stored at his home... This sparked a police raid which uncovered 21 types of chemicals which, when mixed together, could form explosives. Officers also found a 300-page computer document, the Anarchy Cookbook, detailing how to make different types of bombs, the jury was told.
Mrs Cottage also said that her husband wanted to shoot Tony Blair and the liberal peer, Lord Greaves.

The BBC also has a report.

Lord Greaves is perhaps better known as Tony Greaves, of the Association of Liberal Councillors based at Hebden Bridge, in Yorkshire. During his time there, the ALC, led by Greaves and his partner in crime, Andrew Ellis (widely known as Smelly Elly and the Hebden Bridge mafia) pioneered the Liberals' distinctive style of election campaigning, achieving notoriety for being a wretched a set of unprincipled political muck-rakers.

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