16 February, 2007

Good News from Iraq and Afghanistan 5: Rebuilding Basra.

Continuing the occasional series of stories unlikely to be found the mainstream media.

In Iraq, the Yorkshire Regiment is in Shit Street, literally. Az Aubayr is the second largest town in Basra province and it has a sewage problem. On one particular road patrolled by the regiment, the tarmac is hidden under a layer of the brown stuff. What else would the army call it?

The regiment is in Az Aubayr, the second largest town in the province, as part of Operation Sinbad, helping the Iraqi people to rebuild society. Essentially, that means rebuilding the infrastructure through projects ranging from reconstructing the sewage and water systems to installing generators to provide hospitals with electricity. The MoD has much more on the story.

[It should never be forgotten that, at the same time as they are helping to rebuild Iraqi society, the troops are dealing with the security situation, sometimes with tragically fatal consequences. Only six days ago the Yorkshire Regiment lost Private Luke Simpson, who was killed returning from a routine patrol.]


LadyBird said...

Private Luke Simpson, who was killed returning from a routine patrol

That is really good news

Henry Bolingbroke said...

Try reading it in context. Anyway, for the benefit of the uncomprehending, the final paragraph has now been enclosed in brackets.

ng2000 said...

Another resource for you: http://www.ng2000.com/fw.php?tp=afghanistan