13 February, 2007

The Royal Marines battle for Kajaki Dam.

The battle for the Kajaki dam has kicked off, again. The Daily Telegraph quotes official reports that Royal Marines, supported by artillery and Afghan forces, fought a 12 hour battle. No NATO casualties are reported, but a "several" terrorists are said to have been killed. According to the Times, the Taliban have been routed.


Reuters, India says that 300 ISAF troops were involved in the operation , which involved clearing 60 compounds from an area used recently to launch regular mortar attacks.

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Stan said...

You know, I find it so annoying that these sort of events get so little coverage on television. It seems the BBC, Sky and all the rest are only too happy to report on engagements with our enemies if we lose a soldier or suffer a setback, but coverage of successes is virtually non-existent.

I remeber during the Falklands war how we would get daily reports of events - success or setback - now it's just a deluge of disaster.