16 November, 2006

AC Yates counter-attacks.

In the Cash for honours saga, after the government fightback, the police has launched a counter-attack. Assistant Commissioner Yates has said that there has been "major developments" in the inquiry. AC Yates is not saying what the "major developments are" and cites the lack of leaks about them as evidence that the government's criticism of the inquiry's security is unjustified. The inquiry may be coming to its close. From the BBC:

The policeman heading the cash-for-honours probe says he expects to pass a file to the CPS in January...

...Describing the investigation as being in the "final stages", Mr Yates also said the timetable for reporting to the Crown Prosecution Service could change due to factors beyond his control.

"It is also subject to any additional lines of investigation that may result from the inquiries I am about to undertake," he said, but did not provide details.
The Daily Telegraph speculates that the reference to new lines of inquiry might indicate he is about to interview Tony Blair.

I look forward to reading about the major developments in the weekend press.

Update: 17.11.06
This morning's Guardian has the full text of AC Yates' letter to the House of Commons public administration committee, referred to in the above links.

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