15 November, 2006

Al Jazz

The Guardian is getting excited about today's launch of al Jazeera's (link updated: 15.11.06 @ 17:10) English digital TV station.Very excited. Al-Jazeera has signed up David Frost, and

a string of other big names, including the former BBC correspondent Rageh Omaar and ex-BBC One O'Clock News anchor Darren Jordan.
As an interviewer Frost was such a soft touch that politicians queued up to get on his lightweight "Breakfast with Frost" programme. Omaar is best known for his blatantly anti-American reports from Baghdad during the US invasion, which were remarkable even by the BBC's standards of anti-US bias. At the time, I thought he had something going with Comical Ali. Of Jordon I know not. The Guardian interviews Frost.

Though rather less excited, the BBC is still fairly enthusiastic but not as much as the Independent, although the Indy does raise the some of the problems al-Jazeera has been struggling with.

Given this is the same al-Jazeera that has nothing but contempt for the bodies of dead British soldiers, why are the Guardian, Indy and BBC so enthusiastic?

Little Green Footballs has a more less enthusiastic, but more rational, perspective from America.

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