13 November, 2006

More false child murder accusations before the GMC.

Here we go again. Another case of false accusations of infanticide is up before the General Medical Council's disciplinary body. This time it is Dr David Southall, for whom it will not be a novel experience. You may remember Southall as the doctor who initially accused Sally Clark of child murder. Clark was cleared on appeal and, despite being censured by the GMC, Southall was not struck off but allowed to continue as a doctor with some restrictions. That was one of the cases through which Roy Meadow came to prominence. Now Southall is up for more arrogant incompetence. The Evening Standard:

A leading paediatrician accused a grieving mother of drugging and murdering her son, a disciplinary panel heard today.

Professor David Southall abused his professional position and acted inappropriately when interviewing the mother, called Mrs M to protect her anonymity, about the death of her 10-year-old son, who hanged himself in June 1996, it heard.

Prof Southall, who was found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 2004 after accusing solicitor Steve Clark of murdering two of his sons, faces fresh allegations today. They relate to several children in his care in the 1980s and 1990s.
The core of the story is that Southall made serious allegations based solely on his opinion.

The Guardian is also covering the story: here and here.

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