13 November, 2006

Archbishop of York on secularism:

Hitherto, John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has been most notable for shaving his head and spending a holiday in a luxury tent in York Minister as some kind of peace protest over events in the Middle East.

Now the Ugandan-born prelate has entered the domestic political arena. In an interview with the Daily Mail Dr Sentamu lays into the secularism of the chattering classes.

...this country disbelieves in itself in an amazing way.

It almost dislikes its own culture, it doesn't realise that the arts, music, buildings have grown out of a strong Christian tradition....

...The Archbishop blames the wilfulness of the 'chattering classes' for its destruction. 'They see themselves as holding the flag for Britain and that Britain is definitely secular and atheist. I want them to have their say but not to lord it over the rest of us.'
Other targets include PC opposition to Christmas, the BBC's selective attacks on Christianity but not Islam, Muslim veils and what he calls the the four great demons in our society: Idolatry, Militarism, Materialism and Racism.

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