17 November, 2006

News, errors and a video from Panjawi.

In Afghanistan, the Panjawi district of Kandahar province has been the scene of heavy fighting between NATO forces and the Taliban, with repeated coalition air strikes against the terrorists taking an unfortunately heavy toll in accidental civilian casualties. Now, according to al Jazeera, negotiations between tribal leaders and NATO commanders are underway to try to establish a truce in Panjawi. Al Jazeera continues,

A similar deal was recently struck with the British in the neighbouring town of Musakala in the southern province of Kandahar.
We all make embarrassing errors from time to time but you really would think a major news organisation like al Jazeera could locate the British army. The British have in fact been next door in Helmand, where they did indeed arrange a truce at Musakala (or Musa Qala).

It is the Canadians who have been in action in Panjawi and here is a link to a video of troops from Alpha Company, 2nd Platoon, "Red Devils" from Edmonton engaging in a fierce firefight with Taliban insurgents on July 8, 2006.

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