14 November, 2006

Professor Southall before the GMC: 2

Day two of the General Medical Council's hearing into the dodgy doctor, Professor David Southall. A mother, falsely accused of murdering her son after he committed suicide, has been giving evidence. The GMC heard that Southall, who alleged the mother was suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, made her use a pencil and shoe-lace to demonstrate how her son had hung himself. The Daily Mail and the BBC have reports. The case continues.

Meanwhile, John Hemming, MP, has referred the GMC's conduct of the Southall case to the CHRE, a government advisory body, on the grounds that it is paying insufficient attention to the research issues surrounding Southall. I am not altogether clear what his point is. I think he is referring to the GMC's lack of interest in the research on which Southall based his accusations.

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