23 November, 2006

Conservative Tossers.

I thought the Tory party leadership had reached the limit of stupidity in publicly chatting up Polly Toynbee. I was wrong. The latest Conservative jape is this: sort-it.co.

Take the tosser test in order to help you, as the Daily Telegraph inelegantly puts it, "ignore your inner tosser." I wonder what David Cameron scored.

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Robert Jackman said...

Hello - you don't strike me as an Independent reader so you may have missed this fantastic quote re Tonybee:

'During the French Revolution, there was a particularly unpleasant set of females, who would do their knitting by the side of the guillotine, watching gleefully as the aristocrats went to their deaths. They were known as les tricoteuses. Miss Toynbee is a modern British tricoteuse, lacking only a guillotine. No sane Tory should provide her with one.'

But what do you think is so stupid about the 'sort it' website? Is that you don't consider debt a problem? Or do you just not see it as something which the Tory Party sohuld concern themselves with?

Let me know on my blog :)