21 November, 2006

Profesor Southall: 6

The case of Professor David Southall before the General Medical Council continues with disturbing reports of a mother from Swansea's experiences with Southall. The mother, identified only as Mrs H, was suspected by Southall of of being a danger to the child's health, as a result of which Child H was made a ward of court.

Southall is accused of breaching confidentiality by unauthorised copying of a letter concerning his suspicions to a doctor not related to the case. He is also "...accused of tampering with medical records, keeping secret medical files and abusing his position in relation to four children."

The secret medical records are the files known as SC (Special Case) files in which he seems to have recorded his unfounded suspicions. Mrs H. has been trying, with only partial success, to find SC files relevant to her son.

icWales has the full story. I cannot help wondering why only the local press has picked up on a GMC hearing with obvious national implications.

John Hemming (19 November) has more on Sudden Infant Death.

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