21 November, 2006

Gunner Lee Thornton's Iraq Diary.

In early September,22 year-old Gunner Lee Thornton, of from 58 (Eyre's) Battery, 12th Regiment Royal Artillery was killed in Iraq. His parents have now published a diary he was keeping whilst in Iraq. The online version of the local paper in Thornton's home town, Blackpool Today has a report and short extracts.

Gunner Thornton talks of failing army equipment, mistrust of Iraqi civilians and the sinking morale of peacekeeping troops. Facing stonings by villagers and the ever-present threat of sniper or mortar attack from insurgents, Gunner Thornton wrote: "I don't trust the Iraqi army, the Iraqi police or the people, this is pointless."

On a rare day off, August 17, he said: "All I have done all day is think of home. I hate this place I really do. It is just not worth dying for, I wish Tony Blair could see that."

In another entry, he says: "Why can't they stop bombing each other, then we can go home."

The former Palatine schoolboy kept the harsh realities of war from his parents in his letters home, but let it all out in the diary.
He constantly notes having to wait for help to arrive while out on patrol because armoured vehicles had broken down.

After a particularly hard day he penned: "Dear Tony, Give the army better equipment and stop putting our lives at risk, thanks Thorny."
I am sure that more of the diary will be in the press over the coming weeks.

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