19 November, 2006

Cash for honours and Labour debts.

The cash for honours row rumbles on. Friday was dominated by the letter from Assistant Commissioner Yates to the House of Commons public administration committee. Today, the Sunday Telegraph says that Yates' published letter was a "beefed-up" version of a previous letter which the committee rejected "for failing to provide enough information."

Exactly why a House of Commons committee should demand any details of an ongoing criminal investigation is open to question. It is not impossible that the Labour dominated committee was trying somehow to defend the Prime Minister by compromising any evidence that might be used in any future trial. Equally, as the ST speculates, they may have been trying to influence to course of the inquiry.

Either way, the ST makes a big thing of something obvious to anyone who has followed events:

The Sunday Telegraph has discovered deep antagonism between police investigators, the committee and Downing Street.
My, these London based journalists are sharp. The article also gives a table of the Labour party's debts to various individuals, along with the dates of due payments. It seems Labour is having difficulty meeting the payments.

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