21 November, 2006

Missing sex offender found.

Last week I posted a story that the Home Office and Police had lost at least five dangerous paedophiles and had been reduced to issuing internet wanted posters in an attempt to find them. One of them has since given himself up to police. One down, four to go. The Sun sees this as a victory for child abuse campaigners.

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Anonymous said...

Some are required to register for much lesser crimes of flashing, prostitution, incest, and a host of other offences.
Contrary to the media’s torch, grouping all registered sex offenders as dangerous.
The DOJ in a report states American politicians and Law enforcement has lied to the public.
Ask yourself why would anyone who wants to bring peace and happiness to earth, would wish their personal pain on the rest of the world?
This selfishness is the reason victim’s advocates continue their terrorist style of activity. To share encourage suffering rather than peace is evil.
See how 3 year old children have been placed on the registry and how citizens are held indefinitely after their sentence has been served.
See it now on You Tube at