25 November, 2006

David Southall 7

David Southall has begun giving evidence to the General Medical Council's fitness for practice panel. icWales and the BBC have reports.

It must be difficult for Southall to discuss the events of so long ago whilst suffering from memory loss. He cannot remember exactly how many SC (special case) files he created , nor receiving a letter requesting disclosure of the files, neither could he think of any risk created by taking a child's file with him when moved hospitals. I think the Americans call this sort of memory problem "taking the fifth".

However, Southall could remember that he created the special files to enable him to find out quickly "what as going on with the child." Nobody seems to have asked him why the hospital's normal filing system was not fit for that purpose. Moreover, nobody seems to have asked him if the files were kept secret because contained details of his controversial ghastly experiments.

Southall has already been found not guilty of one charge of serious professional misconduct in respect of respecting the privacy and dignity of a woman known as Mrs D, following “insufficient evidence." I think we can expect more of the same as the medical establishment closes ranks and looks after its own.

The hearing continues on Monday.

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