08 February, 2007

Abu Izzadeen arrested.

Abu Izzadeen is a Muslim extremist with a homicidal tendency towards those who insult the prophet. Last September, he gained some notoriety by barracking the Home secretary, John Reid. Now Izzadeen's reuptation has no doubt been enhanced by his arrest on terror charges. According to the Times:

It is understood that the arrest is connected to a speech he gave in the West Midlands area - thought to be Birmingham - last year and not to the barracking of John Reid.
The BBC adds that Izzadeen "is being held at a central London police station under Section 1 of the" Terrorism Act 2006, which deals with Encouragement Of Terrorism. So far, the authorities are not saying anything officially.

Actually, Izzadeen is really a West Indian born in Hackney, who converted to Islam when he was 17. His real name is Trevor Brooks.

Reports also from the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.

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Anonymous said...

Izzadeen down, CHOUDERY to go.
yep.. there are probably a few more around we need to deal with. They can be thankful we don't stone them in the town square. They are pagans, murderers (in spirit at least) and follow a man who carried out despicable crimes against humanity for which any of us would be jailed for our natural lives in the West. I'm referring to Mohammed and just ONE incident..the invasion of Khaiber will suffice to illustrate.
Hearing of an alliance between the Khaibar Jews and another tribe, mohammed invaded them (note..invaded, he did no wait to be attacked as the Quran states) then a sequence of events follows which makes the abuse at Abu Graib pale into insignificance.
1/ Executed most males
2/ Tortured Jewish chief Kinana to reveal the location of treasure.
3/ On hearing that Kinana's wife was HOT from other muslim soldiers, Mohammed beheaded Kinana, and after his wife and her cousin were deliberately brought past the blood soaked ground and headless corpse of her late husband, Mohammed within 3 days was now invading her body and having sex with her. This was described in Muslim literature as follows "During the Khaiber campaign Safiyya Bint Huyayy become a wife of the prophet" wow.. talk about SANITIZED version of events.

Well...choudery and Izzadeen follow this man mohammed. They should be jailed or executed forthwith.