10 February, 2007

Attack on British forces in Basra, Iraq.

One British soldier has died and three others are injured, one critically, after a roadside bomb attack on a routine patrol in Basra, Iraq. The MoD will name the soldier tomorrow. Details are sparse, but, according to the Guardian,

The dead soldier was travelling in a lightly-armoured "snatch" Land Rover about three miles south-east of Basra when the device exploded.
Yet another fatality from a lightly armed Land Rover can come as no surprise to many, especially those who have read European Referendum's very detailed analyses of the problem from last year. Yet, still the government is willing to send troops into danger without adequate protection.

At about the same time as the fatality, seven soldiers were injured, two "very seriously" in a mortar attack on the British base in Basra. The Times covers both incidents and also the, thankfully non-fatal, shooting of a soldier from the Rifles Regiment on routine patrol in Basra.

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