06 February, 2007

Cash for Honours: let the cover up begin.

Des Smith, the braggart who began the cash for honours scandal by being indiscreet with Sunday Times journalists, is not be charged, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided. What a surprise!

I think we can also confidently predict that Lord Levy will not be charged either, or anybody else for that matter. Never mind that, as the BBC points out, Smith was concerned with only one aspect of the police investigation and there remains plenty of other matters which may yet result in charges, especially the cover up within Downing Street. Indeed,according to the Times, Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's Downing Street press wallah, is still in Scotland Yard's sights

As I wrote some months ago, given the lack of an independent legal system in the UK, it was never to be expected that charges would be brought. The importance of the case has been the electoral damage to the government from the illumination of its crooked practices and of the sanctimonious hypocrisy of Blair's claims to moral superiority.

Other, early, reports from the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

Minor edits: 6/02/07.

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