07 February, 2007

Driza the nutty slapper: the sequel.

Long term readers of this blog may remember the case of the Brazilian Slapper, Roselane Driza, and the immigration judges that gave so much entertainment back in the autumn. Here is a brief recap:

The Old Bailey case of the Brazilian slapper accused of blackmailing a cocaine snorting, tax fiddling immigration judge has ended with a guilty verdict, of sorts. The samba merchant was found guilty of stealing the judge's [ Judge Khan] home video of himself having sex with another judge [identified only as judge J] but not guilty of blackmail.
Now, she's back for a sequel. The aforementioned slapper (and illegal immigrant) has won her appeal against the conviction and has been released on bail from the 33 month sentence, pending a retrial.

The Daily Mail tells us new evidence has come to light but the Appeal Court judges have imposed reporting restrictions so it cannot be revealed. Presumably, that is so as not to prejudice the forthcoming retrial. I doubt Judge Khan and Judge L will be sambaing with joy tonight.

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