04 February, 2007

More cash for honours pressure on Blair.

Loyalty amongst thieves is not what it was. Lord Cashpoint (aka Lord Levy) is threatening to sing, says the Mail on Sunday.

He is said to be prepared to "do whatever it takes" to defend his own reputation.

"He said he is not going to swing for the Prime Minister. He is not prepared to take the rap for what has happened," said a former Cabinet Minister who has discussed the matter candidly with Levy.
The Sunday Times says DAC Yates and his Scotland Yard team have evidence of a meeting last summer when Downing Street officials plotted their cover up. Of course they met and plotted; these people have nothing else to do all day. However, providing they were at last half competent in covering their tracks, proving a criminal conspiracy is another matter. Nonetheless,
According to a senior Whitehall source, police believe they now have evidence to recommend charges in the investigation. “They (the police) believe there was a conspiracy to cover up evidence over a period of weeks,” said the source yesterday.
Meanwhile the Independent discerns panic in Downing Street and paranoia at Scotland Yard; and the Sunday Telegraph puns away with Nightmare on Downing Street.

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