06 February, 2007

Fiona Jones (updated)

From the Guardian, a cautionary tale of what can happen when individuals are appointed to high pressure positions to fill quotas, rather than for their abilities.

More from the BBC.

Update: 13/11/07

The Sunday Times recently had an account of Fiona Jones' decline from Chris Jones, her husband. His criticisms of the police over the election overspending will not wash. It is the agent's responsibility to ensure spending is kept within limits and Des Whicher, her agent, seems not to have have been very good maths,hence the court case.

The Newark Advertiser, Jones' local paper, has a detailed archive of events.

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Anonymous said...

Bit simplistic on the election 'expenses' detail. If the police had taken apart every MPs declarations as they did hers, there would have been dozens in court with her. The police suggested that because the Labour Paty had spent £22,000, iit should all have been attributed to her. No reasonable person would believe that - there were 12 county council seats up on the same day. It all came down to £350 in the end. Had that been the case before the trial it would not have gone to court as it could have been sorted before an election court.

And why go for her? The lead police officer was in the masons at Newark as were most of the Tories in the town!

This policeman was finding his case was dropping apart so went to a judge and misled him into giving them orders to go into telephone records and bank accounts. By all accounts the judge told other police later that he wopuld have given them if he had know the truth. If there had been no unlawful orders there would have been no case.

So her husband was right complaints about the police do wash.